CME Swiss AG offers a system for veterinary use. It’s called CME-VET.

One of the major benefits of working with the CME-VET system for a veterinary clinic is the rapidly growing number of loyal and happy customers.

CME-VET system helps to achieve much faster results in making appropriate analysis and choosing treatments. 

All-encompassing analysis, comprehensive information, cross references, and efficacy of the CME-VET device all support the optimal health of animals and provide a large positive response in patients. The CME-VET system has many positive reviews and recommendations from our satisfied clients. 

CME Swiss AG uses an exciting spectral dynamic based science to create this system for veterinary clinics. This system allows a holistic approach to many health issues that plague any animal.  Use of such system could make an animal reach a state of optimum health.  Our system provides a full picture of the current state of the patient's health and being.  CME-VET system  provides an opportunity to reduce the influence of existing pathological processes.  The system also could assist the specialist to decide which individual treatments or preventive measures are best suited for a particular patient. 

                                              Two technologies - one device.

The first system component is a comprenhensive analysis of an animal's health condition. 
The second system component is CME Swiss AG's special process known as corrective adjustment.  It is a way for the device to reduce certain pathological processes in the patient.



Advantages of CMEVet

  • Promptness. Full scan of all organ systems and their states takes only 35 to 60 seconds. Interpretation of the results, selection of individually effective remedies and treatments take about 15 minutes.


  • Comprehensiveness.  Information data of all organs, systems, processes, and other pathogens are collected simultaneously and crossed referenced.


  • In-depth analysis. Our technology allows for evaluation of the causality connection between the symptoms, pathologies, and pathogenic factors. This property allows for a true analysis of the patient's condition and, as a consequence, to treat the real cause of a disease rather than the symptoms.


  • Safety. No harmful influence on the patient during scanning, unlike fluorography or MRI diagnostics.


  • Comfort . Many diagnostic procedures are invasive and cause extreme discomfort for animals. When carrying out the CME-VET scanning and “Compensatory adjustment”,  there is no discomfort at all.


  • Ability to monitor the dynamic changes in the state of health of the patient during the follow-up visits. Ability to monitor the effectiveness of the prescribed treatment.


  • Effective targeting of the health issue. “Corrective adjustment” allows for influencing the elimination  of the  causes of the development of pathological processes without negatively affecting the vital physiological processes.  Possible identification and reducing pathological factors and causes of diseases over a single visit.


  • Mobility. CME-VET device could be used not only in the clinic, but also during outpatient visit.  This allows for regular monitoring and effective prevention.

CME-VET optimally supports pet's health. It helps to prevent the emergence of diseases and affiliated risks. This means better quality of life and longevity for your pet! In fact, our technology allows for daily use.

The benefits of using it, could be felt in real time during the “Compensatory adjustment” procedure. This procedure could help in correcting vital functions of regulatory processed in the animal's body maintaining an overall healthy state.

Modern Internet technologies used in the CME-VET device allow for a possibility to conduct an examination of the patient remotely, when the patient and the specialist are in different cities and even countries. If necessary, the specialist may consult various experts over the internet, participating in online conferences.