CME Swiss AG introduces spectral dynamics technology into the modern agriculture.

Nowadays with the overuse of chemicals, synthetic/biological fertilizers and pesticides, depletion of the fields, environmental changes, the nutritional as well as biological quality of the crops are neglected. All this makes foods less healthy for human and animal consumption.

More and more people observe the deterioration of their health condition. They become aware and conscientious of their health problems wanting to consume quality raised products. Which puts a lot of pressure on the farmers to supply much needed quality products which are healthy for consumption of people as well as animals.

Over the last few years, CME Swiss AG conducted tests and field studies of its new ground-breaking method of activating the best quality in seeds for the better growth, health and higher quality nutritional value. This uniquely developed method is called Spectral-Dynamics Analysis and Compensation. It is simple enough and could be easily accessible for wide use in modern agriculture. It supports better growth, higher yields and ultimately healthier foods for human consumption.

Primary application of this technology in agriculture will be in preparation of the seeds and plants for planting and germination. It is done with the help of CME Swiss AG developed tool, specialized CME AGRO-Auxiliary system. This user-friendly system, when it’s available on the market, will be easy to use with simple interface and the set of clear instructions for the end user.




With the help of the CME AGRO-Auxiliary system, samples of the micro electrical emissions by the seeds or plants are recorded. The CME AGRO-Auxiliary device has a great sensitivity for recording micro electrical fields emitted by any biological organisms. These electrical fields contain all information of the properties of the plant/organism. These properties are evaluated by the CME AGRO-Auxiliary system (for more information see what spectral dynamic technology is about). The analyzed signal recorded from the micro-electrical emissions of a plant or seeds is converted into a set of Spectral Dynamic Markers (for more information see what spectral dynamic marker is, elsewhere on this website). Then the CME AGRO-Auxiliary device analyzes the quality of the recorded sample and determines how it could balance and improve the quality the plant or seeds.

What does CME AGRO-Auxiliary will give to the end user, and what does the end user will have to do to rip the benefits offered by CME AGRO-Auxiliary device.

The first step:

With the help of CME AGRO-Auxiliary system the end user will be able to records the raw data, following simple instructions.

The second step:

After the initial recording, the raw data is transferred to CME Swiss AG where s a set of markers with the appropriate marker activator for the particular seed or the plant is created.  

The third step:

After this procedure, the final marker is installed on the user's system over the internet.

The fourth step:

Using the uniquely developed method of CME Compensation (see “Compensation” under the “History/Science” page on our website) right before planting,  the batch of seeds or plants will be compensated according to the simple instructions provided along with the CME AGRO-Auxiliary  system. This procedure will activate the better growth conditions, germination, and balances micro-nutrient consumption.

It is important to stress that it is necessary to record each marker intended for compensation right before the planting season. Because of the biological nature of the seeds and plants. Each recorded marker will be valid only for the current crop. The state of said plants and seeds is actively changing over time, thus their properties are changing as well, depending on the many environmental and internal conditions. 

CME Swiss AG will provide ongoing service of preparing fresh markers for its customers for each new planting season.

After conducting field tests and lab analysis, it is noticeable, that the Compensated plants differ in a better way, thus producing better, healthier yields for human consumption.

We also think that consuming foods made with Compensated agricultural products, influence the improved health conditions for people who eat such foods. It is a chain reaction from which arises many benefits for all.

Please inquire about when the AGRO-Auxiliary systems will become available for commercial use.