An innovative system for improving  the quality of life.

CME & ERI™ Biofeedback and Holistic Systems


The CME System incorporates biofeedback and holistic techniques, and is based on scientific, objective principles of monitoring the dynamic changes in the health processes of humans, CME Swiss America offers research based technology embodied in The СME System for optimizing the quality of life.


The quality of life, refers to a series of biochemical, physiological and psychological processes in the human body, that  reflects its' current state.


The СME System is a unique device, which helps practitioners to engage their patients and clients through biofeedback, personalize and select optimally suitable remedies to fight diseases and pathologies.  


Try to set your health on the right path by modern methods offered by CME Swiss America, and above all, change your thinking for the better, because it determines everything. How we think, how we feel, is how we live.